Matt Play

Artist Biography


Matt (Play) Davis


Chicago, IL USA

A veteran behind the decks, Chicago based DJ & producer, Matt Play is skilled in dance floor movement & control. Harmonically fusing electro & progressive grooves, his performances are unique and intelligent which deliver a night full of suspense and energy. His “Solar Mix” podcast series has gained listeners around the globe, and his recent studio work has him recognized as a talented up-and-coming remixer & producer.

Matt remembers his first experience with the power of music at age three and he has been actively inspired ever since. Experimenting with musical instruments throughout his life, he realized it was overall music production he was drawn to the most. With a fascination for the emotions created through sound, he became passionate about expressively sharing these emotions in a way which he controlled. Once realizing this as his destiny, he began a journey to become a force in the worldwide electronic dance music movement. 

Matt began to distribute dance mixes on the streets which built a following throughout the South East. He gained further respect when his mixing talent was recognized in the international music magazine, URB. Soon he began to obtain club residences and he is well known for his terms spent in several nightclubs. With these experiences, his skills and following continued to evolve. This has lead him to being called upon to work dance floors in several major cities throughout America.